Realistic sand art by Andoni Bastarrika

Andoni Bastarrika

The art of giving life to my works is a great gift that I received from life to give to everyone else.

My name is Andoni Bastarrika, I was born in the Basque Country, in the north of Spain. I consider myself a fortunate and authentic completely self-taught artist at the service of consciousness and nature. Learner and walker of the red path, the path of the heart, the path of beauty.

With my works I seek to surprise in times when almost nothing surprises us. I achieve this through a visual impact, which for a few moments can make you believe that what you are seeing is real.

The sensation of transcending matter is to deeply feel life, even for a moment, as something magical and mysterious.

This is what I try and sometimes manage to convey through the realism of my works.

Through my hands, a stick and a pen, and with the help of other materials such as sand and earth of different colors, I make the matter come to life, I make the sand transcend and transform into a dog, bull or horse, that you would doubt for a moment. or more that were not real, or in a dragon, or in a mermaid that become real from the innocent gaze of the child inside us.